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Bangor Maine's Pastoral Cemetery


In 1834, the Bangor Horticultural Society was formed to purchase half of Joseph Treat's 100-acre lot on the outskirts of the city. To design a layout, following the styles of Mount Auburn, Charles G. Bryant, a well noted local architect was hired.

Architect Charles G. Bryant, during his career, left probably a stronger mark on Bangor's architectural tone than any other man. His plan for Mount Hope divided the land into two areas, one for burials and the other for horticultural purposes.

In September 1834, management was assumed the Mount Hope Cemetery Corporation, which laid out the cemetery according to Bryant's plan.

On July 21, 1836, the grounds were consecrated.  The Honorable Edward Kent, Mayor of Bangor and later Governor of Maine proclaimed: "A spot situated like this, with the beauties of nature scattered on every hand, is calculated to give a chastened and holy calm to the mind and to lead the thought to study nature in her works and to God as her great author."

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